Get those “must-haves” from Canada’s top TV and radio stations.

Were you or someone you know on TV last night? Was one of your hot topics discussed on a radio talk show? Cision provides recordings to individuals looking for audio/video from many news and public affairs programs airing in Canada. Search our self-serve web-based archive and choose your program.

Consumer services from Cision are designed to fulfill ad-hoc requests from individual consumers looking for audio/video materials from news and public affairs programs broadcast on Canadian radio and television stations.

Cision provides audio/video materials for CBC, GLOBAL, CPAC & CFRB. All materials supplied by this service must only be used for internal review, research or analysis. Any public display, publication or re-broadcast is strictly forbidden.

To inquire about recordings from the following stations, please contact the Client Support team at 1.877.269.3367

  • CBC Television
  • CBC Radio
  • Global Television
  • CPAC Television
  • CFRB Radio

To license CBC content for inclusion in other productions please contact:

CBC Archive Sales at

Transcripts are also available upon request. Contact us at for more information.

Ordering Recordings

Ordering recordings takes only a few minutes. Simply search for the program you require and follow the on-screen instructions to purchase the segment. The search results will indicate whether the item is available for immediate delivery or if it requires production time.

The turnaround time for items requiring production is typically 2 – 4 weeks. A rush order may be placed if items are required sooner.  CBC regional programs are archived for 30 days.

If you require further information regarding Cision consumer services, contact us at