Go Beyond Output. See What Actually Drives Successful Outcomes

You’ve connected with the right influencers, sent out a press release and secured some coverage. Now what?

When you have the data to see how many people you’re reaching, what they’re saying, and what they’re doing with your content, you get informed. You get ideas. You build more effective campaigns.

That’s where Cision’s customizable Monitoring and Analytics platform comes in.

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See the metrics that matter and turn them into executive-ready reports


Dynamic Data

Compare performance over time to understand your campaign's effectiveness. Monitor domain authority to see how many people you are actually reaching. 


Holistic View

With over 100 million data sources available, never miss a mention of your brand or topics of interest on news and social media sites and other digital channels.


Competitor Analysis

See how you’re doing relative to the competition and uncover opportunities to step up your game. 


Interactive Reports

With one click, turn your Cision dashboard into sleek reports you can quickly download or share with a simple URL.

When you have all the data, you can do anything

We know that PR professionals need more than just a broad reach. There are a million sites out there that aren’t relevant and, therefore, not worth your time. With our Monitoring and Analytics, you have the data you need to easily identify the most beneficial influencers and sites to tell your story so you can build more successful campaigns and drive desired outcomes.

Jay Webster

Chief Product Officer, Cision

See the Power of the Full Cision Communications Cloud

Media Monitoring and Analytics are just part of the complete Comms Cloud.

When you combine the deep data dive with the most comprehensive database of journalists and influencers and a true media relationship management tool, you can make exciting things happen.

How the Comms Cloud puts it all together

Media Monitoring

Get the Full Picture of Your Brand Reputation

With access to the most complete collection of global online news, blogs, print and broadcast channels, along with the billions of conversations happening on social media, Cision monitors them all to help you get a full view of your company’s reputation...and the power to influence it.

Go Deeper on Our Monitoring Outlets

Track your brand mentions in real-time across millions of daily breaking news stories across the world, with unlimited clips and searches.

Find global TV and radio mentions with unlimited, easy searches. Edit clips to share with internal teams and highlight key viewership and sentiment metrics.

Gain insights from tens of thousands of print newspapers, magazines, paywalled content and more from local, national and international coverage.

Track your brand mentions and owned channel performance across major social channels and analyze results on the fly.

Use sophisticated speech-to-text technology to identify mentions from over 20,000 global podcasts in 16 languages.

What are people saying about you on social media? There’s an app for that.

Tap into our AI-powered deep social listening to understand what is being said about your company, products and industry on digital channels worldwide. Insights appear on your dashboard in minutes, which you can use to manage your brand reputation, capitalize on trending stories and build smarter communications strategies.

Get real-time and historical insights with Cision Social Listening powered by Brandwatch.

The 2021 Global Comms Report

The #1 challenge for U.S. comms leaders is “the inability to measure impact effectively."

Cision partnered with PRWeek to understand how the PR industry continues to evolve and adapt amid new tools and technology, higher expectations – and the challenges of a global pandemic.  

Learn more about the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

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Earned Media Analytics

See How Your Brand Connects

You know that campaign success is about quality over quantity. You need to understand the influence the outlets you are reaching actually have. Thanks to best-in-class digital reach and social amplification, we help you do just that.

It starts with the ability to find mention after mention in millions of outlets. If you’re mentioned, we’ll find you.

Are your mentions at the top of the search or on page 30? Domain authority shows if your audience will find something if they search for your brand.

Quickly see which articles matter most. See how often your brand is mentioned and in what context, the reach of the article and how it resonated with your audience.

Automated share of voice analysis can be conducted on all media channels, so you can evaluate against your competitors in as few as three clicks.

Go beyond counting clips. Deliver real business value of your earned media results.


Stay on Top of a Crisis or Opportunity

Whoever says “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” probably hasn’t experienced bad publicity. Be the first to know about breaking news coverage on your brand. Cision’s Real-Time News uses anomaly detection algorithms to alert you to unusually high activity – whether it’s signaling a potential crisis situation or positive coverage around a company announcement. Set up your alerts to be delivered via email or Slack to keep your entire team informed.

Showcase Your Impact

Tell the most complete story of your earned media outcomes with Cision Impact. With these advanced analytics, prove the value of PR coverage to your organization’s bottom line, develop a deeper understanding of the journalists and stories that have the greatest impact and validate which audiences are most engaged with your content.
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Share and Celebrate Your Success

You’ve done the work. You’ve gotten informed, iterated and improved. Now use Cision’s interactive reports, alerts and integrations to show colleagues, stakeholders and executives your earned media success.

Cision Reporting Capabilities

Interactive Reports

With one click, you can turn your Cision dashboard into sleek reports that can be downloaded or shared with a simple URL.

Google and Adobe Analytics

See the effect earned media is having on your website traffic, user behavior and goal conversions by integrating your Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics account.


Incorporate earned media data into the larger marketing and business metrics. Bring earned media tracking into internal reporting structures with a fully customizable REST API that integrates with business intelligence software like Tableau, PowerBI, Domo and more.

Get More People Talking About You Through Better PR Distribution

Want additional reach? When you distribute your news with Cision, you get your story in front of the right editors, journalists and influencers from the world’s most trusted distribution service.. 
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Meet Your Extended Team

We know you’re busy. Our team of expert researchers can pull together daily news briefings, alerts and in-depth analysis of topics you care about to deliver the insights you want. 

We also offer countless free resources to support you when and where you need it.

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