Measuring Your True
Earned Media Attribution


Marketers have been working on attribution models for over a decade now. While advertising, organic and search have become easier to measure and understand in recent years, “earned” media continues to be a siloed activity with inconsistent measurement.


Join Jessica Andrews, Product Marketing Manager for Cision while she reviews some of the obstacles communicators and marketers face with measuring earned media, and explains how major brands are beginning to solve these challenges.


This on-demand webinar will cover how to:

  • Measure earned media attribution using similar metrics to marketing such as views, clicks, and conversation
  • Bring earned media fully into your traditional marketing funnel
  • Retarget earned media audiences





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Meet Jessica


Jessica Andrews
Product Marketing Manager





Jessica Andrews is the Product Marketing Manager for Cision, the global leader in software and services for public relations and marketing professionals. Her primary focus is marketing the Cision Communications Cloud, and introducing Cision’s proprietary “earned media attribution” and measurement technology to the Canadian market. She has extensive experience in advertising technology, having previously worked in client success and business development at Telaria (now Magnite) and SlimCut Media. Jessica holds a B.A. in Political Science from Western University, and a Master’s degree in Communications from Ryerson University.