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More than ever, social media strategies are an essential part of any public relations plan and marketing campaign. Clearly, the public is consuming more social content than ever before with nearly 2.5 billion global users, and nearly 1 out of 4 people following brands on social channels. Social media is core to today's customer experience, and marketing and communications professionals alike can now fully integrate their campaigns across owned, earned and paid media better than ever before.

As the leading global provider of Earned Media Management, Cision now provides the communications industry with a robust, holistic solution set for social media, marketing, publishing, and engagement, with the acquisition of Falcon.io. Falcon.io’s social media marketing platform added to the Cision portfolio enables comms professionals to manage their global comprehensive social media marketing programs through a holistic approach that includes engagement across broadcast, print, and open web/mobile media channels, as well as social. And far more importantly, seamlessly across paid, owned, and earned media programs and campaigns.  

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Specifically, Cision customers now have the following capabilities as a result of the Falcon.io acquisition:

  • Social Publishing: Manage and queue up your social content in one calendar as well as schedule, edit, preview and publish all social media posts and social media campaigns in one place.
  • Social Listening: Monitor interactions across the entire social web and understand trending topics and relevant hashtags.
  • Social Engagement: Access all relevant messages, comments and replies in a customized inbox.
  • Social Measurement: Understand the value of your social media campaigns by aggregating reports across social channels and get advanced reporting on the major social networks.
  • Social Ads: Amplify the value of your social campaigns and content by activating paid media across social channels.
  • Social Audience Insights: Build audience profiles as customers and prospects engage on social networks. Integrations with CRM systems allow brands to integrate social data with their transactional systems.


Having the right workflow capabilities enables professionals to effectively manage and streamline campaign efforts, which can positively and dramatically impact end results. In addition to crafting and measuring campaigns that drive news coverage within the Cision Comms Cloud, the new technology enables brands to amplify interactions with comprehensive social media management to streamline all efforts. The addition of Falcon.io within the broader Cision portfolio will provide a unique value proposition for brands to diversify their media mix to now include more earned media, especially as the efficacy of paid media continues to falter. Marketers can now focus on authentic interactions that happen across earned media in a holistic manner. The industry can also fully benefit from executing sophisticated social media campaigns across paid, owned, and earned media that spans the entire customer journey. The addition of Falcon.io further solidifies Cision's market leadership in driving the future of Earned Media Management.

Cision changed the industry once by introducing Cision Communications Cloud®, the first comprehensive, global, integrated technology stack for communications, delivering to the CCO what Adobe, Google, Oracle, and Salesforce.com Marketing Clouds deliver to the CMO.  Then, we changed it again with Cision ID, allowing true Business Results Attribution and ROI for communications for the first time. Now, we’re ushering in the third chapter of the Martech transformation, what we call Earned Media Management, and enabling integration between paid, owned, and earned media at the data, content, audience development, activation, optimization and measurement levels. The world of the CMO and CCO has changed forever! 

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