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Creating Awesome Instagram Posts on Your Desktop

Last month, Instagram introduced a feature allowing users to post to Instagram from mobile web browsers. This post will explain how to post directly from a desktop computer, and different best practices as it relates to images, processing, engagement and hashtags on Instagram.

Why Should Marketers Care About Dark Social?

Professional communicators and marketers have slowly but surely become more data-driven as they seek to prove their ROI to c-level executives. But what if we told you that about 82% of content shared on mobile is untrackable with your web analytics tools. Is it some malicious hacker activity? If you are unfamiliar with the term, dark social can sound a little suspicious. Let's break it down.

What Social Media Can Teach Us About MLB Fans

Although Toronto didn't advance to the World Series, there's still a lot of valuable data for brands to glean from fans across the MLB. Cision's latest white paper, Major League Insights into Baseball's Social Media Fans, dives deep into the demographics and psychographics of your social media audience.

Where Can I Find Great Content to Curate?

Finding a balance between original and curated content is attainable, but where can you find this great shareable content? We have a few tips & tricks to help you stay on top of your industry.

Defusing Crisis on Social Media with Heidi Sullivan

Lawyers and executives have long feared social media as a PR risk, nothing but a place where anger foments and rage is spawned. In reality, social media is one of the most effective channels for brands to change the channel of rage to positive reviews and cut the cord on anger.

7 PR Tips for NDP Leadership Candidates

There are many potential candidates who could take the helm but before they do each will need to engage with the public and increase their awareness. Here are 7 tips on how they, or any brand, can do that effectively:

Infographic: How Can You Slay Trolls?

Brand crises take many forms. And while no crisis is enviable, brand trolls can be some of the most annoying […]

Social Media Image Dimension Guide

A picture is worth 1,000 words but only if it is the right size to be optimally viewed in a browser window or application. Social media headers and profile images are, in many cases, the first experience someone will have with your brand. You wouldn’t want the logo on your office building to be distorted or warped, or an ad in a magazine to be cropped so that half your logo is missing - it would be a disaster. Avoid such a disaster and review these tips and images sizes for your social channels.

3 Resolutions You Need to Make for 2016

Every New Year brings new opportunities. For content creators, that means new media channels, tactics and stories to utilize. Before you can jump into what`s new you need to make sure you have some of 2015`s most impactful content marketing and digitial communications strategies.

10 New Facebook Features for 2016

A recent Cornell study describes how Facebook users are increasingly dependent on its utility. In fact, the study asserts that users don’t leave Facebook for lack of utility: they leave for fear of addiction.

Free Tip Sheet! How to Score Coverage By Pitching on Social

We want to let you in on a PR secret: social media posts can produce major publicity for your brand. But how can you ensure success if reporters are still getting on the social media bandwagon?

5 Ways Twitter Chats Help Build Brands

Social media is an ever-changing world. With all the different platforms and what they have to offer, it can be challenging to choose where to invest your time and energies.

Benchmarking Social Media

Understanding what success means on social media can be elusive without creating a baseline for comparison first. Just because something didn’t go viral does not necessarily mean it didn’t make an impact and can be considered a success.

3 Social Media Lessons from the 2015 Election

Canadian political parties are currently in communications overdrive. Everyday there are more than 24,000 messages shared about the four major political parties and their leaders. On August 27 Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau announced his plan, to run three years of federal budget deficits his name was mentioned more than 11,000 times on Twitter in a single day. Even with all of that engagement three social media lessons hold true:

How To Build Relationships With Journalists On Social

Are you using Twitter in your media relations work? You should be. More than 50% of journalists say they couldn't do their jobs without it. Eric Alper, eOne Music Canada’s Director of Media Relations, spoke to us about how he builds relationships with publications and journalists on social media.

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