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Morning Show Shutdown Is Netflix to Blame?

What’s killing the Canadian media? According to Mark LaVigne, principal of Hunter-LaVigne Communications and lecturer with Centennial College and Western University, it is two things: 1. Streaming services like Netflix 2. Media convergence

Find Out Who Won the #MacDebate on Social Media

Maclean’s National Leaders Debate last night gave the four major party leaders­­ —Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, New Democratic Party Leader Thomas Mulcair and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May—their first opportunity to square off on the political issues at the forefront of Canada’s news. Though the election isn’t until October 19, you can already track who is winning and losing followers in real-time on social media.

Inside the Newsroom: AM Edition [Infographic]

Get your story on the desks of these early morning radio and television media contacts. This select list will give […]

Infographic – The 4 Stages of the Rob Ford Crisis

Throughout 2013, the Rob Ford crisis overwhelmed both the Canadian and international media. Although it all began in Toronto, the […]

Filtering Your Monitored Coverage

By Robert Antolin, @robertantolin You have started your monitoring services, and news has started flowing into your CisionPoint account. Now […]

Why Professional Monitoring Works

Some business managers assume that a financial analysis alone tells the whole story of a brand’s performance. Not so. Over […]