ROI for Communication Pros Part 3: Analysis and Attribution

ROI for Communication Pros is a three part series that will explore the basics of marketing and PR measurement and […]

Benchmarking Social Media

Understanding what success means on social media can be elusive without creating a baseline for comparison first. Just because something didn’t go viral does not necessarily mean it didn’t make an impact and can be considered a success.

How to Create Your PR Measurement Plan

With PR becoming more data driven, we have to be proactive and plan accordingly. We not only have to plan […]

The Future of PR Is Measurement

PR has become a metrics-driven business. Gone are the days where we rely only on AVEs and impressions. Now we […]

The Walled Garden and the Metrics Conundrum

By Julie Geller, @juliegeller “How many times is my brand mentioned across the social landscape?”  “Why can’t I find all […]