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BuzzFeed and VICE Don’t Need Mainstream Credibility

Last night, the Canadian Federation of Journalists held its first J-Talk panel since the election of Donald Trump at the TMX Broadcast Centre in Toronto. Between exhortations about the state of society, the three panellists, Jennifer Hollett, head of news and government at Twitter Canada, Craig Silverman, editor at BuzzFeed Canada, and Michael Gruzuk, director of news and digital content for VICE Canada (as well as host Simon Houpt, the Globe and Mail’s senior media writer), shared insights into businesses that a decade ago were pilloried as the D word ... disruptive.

Disclose or Get Fined: Canadian Influencer Marketing

Bloggers, vloggers, Instagram superstars and beyond, if you are being paid in either product or cash for your posts by a brand, you might be breaking Canadian law.

3 Influencer Marketing Tips from Shel Holtz

Online influencers are the second most powerful promoters of a product or service, second only to your closest friends and family. Beyond getting into touch with a specific customer’s favourite aunt, the easiest way to see a recommendation lead to a purchase, or drive a specific action, is to work with influential online personalities.

Defining Influencer Marketing with Heidi Sullivan

There are so many different types of influencers engaging online and in real-life but Heidi Sullivan, Cision Canada’s interim managing director has a superb definition for all of them.

Relationships Beat Lists: Influencer Pros Podcasts

Just like in life, with influencer marketing it isn’t always how many people you know, but how well you know them that drives success. On the sixth of Convince and Convert’s Influencer Pros Podcast, Cision Canada’s Interim Managing Director Heidi Sullivan spoke with Shonali Burke, CEO of Shonali Burke Consulting, about how to create an effective influencer marketing program through building relationships.

The Secrets of Influence

Many of today’s social media influencers have hit the sweet spot with their followers, between providing trusted insight and paid promotion. What makes this balancing act work is an influencer’s level of authenticity and the trust they’ve built with a niche following.

Influencer Marketing Tips from Heidi Sullivan

Influencer marketing isn’t about finding people with the most followers. Instead target those with most engaged audiences that fit your brand’s target. Are you doing it right?

Journalists Missing the Story on Influencer Marketing

It’s becoming common practice for brands to pay content creators for tweets, Instagram posts and blog articles, but Cision’s 2016 State of the Media report shows that most journalists aren’t aware of influencer marketing. Or for those that are, it doesn’t seem to be a priority.

17 Canadian NHL Reporters to Follow on Twitter

Hockey is a big deal in Canada, clearly, and reporters who write about it become household names. Using Cision Social Edition we monitored the hashtags #Hockey and #NHL January 18 and January 20, to find reporters, bloggers and broadcasters that hockey fans should follow. These media professionals break news, engage with fans and share their insights daily.

Go Behind the Scenes at Proctor & Gamble’s Media Awards

Proctor & Gamble annually honors the best and brightest in the beauty industry media. The company hosted its 7th annual awards on November 24, 2015, with nearly 150 bloggers, editors and YouTubers in attendance.

Proctor & Gamble Honors Beauty Industry Media

Last month Procter & Gamble held its 7th annual P&G Beauty Awards to showcase premiere creative content, design, editorial and […]

How to Grow Your Instagram Following

Being an Instagram photographer is becoming a legitimate profession. Some Instagrammers like Kael Rebick of @PunkoDelish are able to make a living sharing photos on behalf of brands and building their followings.

7 Canadian Tech Journalists You Need to Follow

Innovations in technology often mean new platforms for communicators to utilize. To help you keep up with the new media we've compiled a list of journalists, editors and multimedia content creators who are publishing content multiple times a week, for leading publications in their niche. Here are the seven technology journalists (in no particular order) to follow to stay in-the-know:

3 Influencer Marketing Lessons from #Talk8

Influencer marketing is growing in popularity as a tactic. To keep-up with the pace, public relations educators are weaving best practices into their programs. Check out our first vlog!

3 Vlogging Lessons from Dx3’s Influencer Marketing Conference

Dx3’s EMPOWER conference, an influencer marketing summit on September 19, brought public relations and marketing experts together with 120 of Canada’s largest beauty and lifestyle influencers and YouTube stars to discuss successful ways to utilize influencer marketing. Speakers shared vlogging best practices that can help influencers bring value to brands. Here are the top three:

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