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Six Simple Steps for Creating Viral Content

You know the feeling: You see something on Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat that you must share with friends. But what if you’re on the other side of the coin, figuring out how to create content that people will want to share? How do you make something readers will want to put on their timelines?

Six Tactics for Uncovering Your Brand’s Story

When it comes to branding, PR and marketing pros have many effective tactics at their disposal. Storytelling is at the […]

Three Ways to Rev Up Your Company Blog

There’s no question that relationships between companies and their customers have shifted significantly toward the personal. We see it every […]

Where Can I Find Great Content to Curate?

Finding a balance between original and curated content is attainable, but where can you find this great shareable content? We have a few tips & tricks to help you stay on top of your industry.

Selling Video as a Communications Medium

Niche content in any format will outperform broader messaging within that niche. Learn how to sell video to your team and create outstanding content that drives awareness and changes perceptions.

3 Experiential Product Pitching Tips

By bringing journalists and editors into a home over the better part of a work-week, Apex has provided deeper context than a traditional pitch — showcasing the beneficial message that Walmart Canada has a customer’s holiday décor needs covered. It also gives journalists the chance to create all of the social and video content they need and that a brand like Walmart craves.

How Video Content Consumes Our Lives

If you aren’t using video in your communication strategy you are missing five hours of messaging opportunities. For professional communicators that means we have more than half someone’s workday to fill with targeted marketing messages, which then presents the challenge of creating content they actually want to consume and engage with. As Ron Tite said earlier this year in Cision’s Innovation Imperative E-Book, “Content is what people want to consume opposed to what people have to consume.”

Blogging Done Right: Learn To Research Like A Pro

Hear from research and fact-checking expert Jon Greenberg of PolitiFact's Truth-O-Meter. Learn how to research like a pro and create great content.

3 Twitter Changes You Need To Know About

During the past three weeks Twitter began rolling out previously-announced changes to its platform and we want to be sure you how these updates can benefit your content marketing efforts.

3 Audience Engagement Secrets #2 Will Shock You

reaking through the Internet and finding viral success is like capturing lightning in a bottle, but content companies that do it well target people in three ways: by their location, by their generation and by emotional triggers.

Generational Targeting: How to Market to Everyone

The International Association of Business Communicators World Conference began yesterday morning in New Orleans with a keynote presentation from thought leader Seth Mattison, founder of research firm FutureSight Labs which has been studying generational differences between the societal rules that influence how professionals act in the work place.

Writing Viral Stories Takes a Village (and Luck)

Writing satirical news stories is all fun and games until a story crashes the server and propels your brands to worldwide recognition. Alexander Huntley is a staff writer with Canadian satirical news site The Beaverton, an online publication staffed by volunteers from across Canada that holds its story meetings on a private Facebook group and chooses its headlines democratically using ‘likes’.

Best Canadian April Fool’s Day 2016 Gags

We Canadians are well known for our sense of humour and this extends to our grand tradition of branded April Fool’s Day gags. This year, three initiatives have captured the nation’s attention this morning by playing directly to Canadian identity.

Amazon’s Review Engine is Evil and Ingenious

­­If Amazon ruled the world it would be an orderly and peaceful place. It would also have star ratings on […]

3 Resolutions You Need to Make for 2016

Every New Year brings new opportunities. For content creators, that means new media channels, tactics and stories to utilize. Before you can jump into what`s new you need to make sure you have some of 2015`s most impactful content marketing and digitial communications strategies.

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