How Well Should You Know Your Audience?


Simply knowing "who, what, why, and when" won’t be enough to craft the right messaging or distribute it on the most valuable channel. In recent years, the development of data has allowed to drill down into the personas of an audience at different stages of the customer journey – revealing demographics, firmographics, interests, motivations, and behaviors.

Understanding these details helps comms pros shape effective campaigns that have actionable results and contribute to ROI.


We therefore put together this white paper, and decided to share Cision and Kroger Co. on-demand webinar on-

  • Why knowing your audience is so important
  • Where to uncover new audience segments
  • How to incorporate the buyer's journey into your strategy
  • Why audience data is an important KPI


Now PR pros are able to provide proof of their efforts and make sure their efforts are reaching the correct people.



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