Measuring Brand Sentiment


How do people feel about your brand? Have your communication efforts been well-received, or have they fallen flat?


It’s a puzzle that communications professionals all over the world have always worked to solve. Brand sentiment is an important part of brand reputation. If you’ve got a bad reputation, you better have a good crisis plan in place and be ready to put in the work. If you’ve got a great brand reputation, it’s easier to weather any kind of storm or crisis that comes your way (including the current environment that is out of anyone’s hands).


Download the guide to learn more on-

  • Why measuring brand sentiment is so important – Know where your brand stands to help plan your strategy going forward
  • How measuring and analyzing brand sentiment works – See how your sentiment compares to the sentiment around your industry in general
  • How to set up sentiment analysis - Depending on the resources at your disposal
  • Shortcomings of sentiment analysis – A human review is always good to catch nuanced language 


Knowing how people feel about your brand and where you stand lets you plan your strategy going forward: Where you should invest more of your resources and which metrics you should be concentrating on.



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