In the following video series, Cision talks with Jay Baer to get his point of view on the future earned media and influencer marketing measurement, as he sees it:  

Jay Baer Asks: Is Earned Media a Second-Class Marketing Citizen?

In our ongoing series, Jay Baer, founder of Convince & Convert and New York Times bestselling author poses and discusses important questions facing the communications industry. In this video, Baer asks — Is Earned Media a Second-Class Marketing Citizen?

Jay Baer Asks: What Tools do Communications Pros Need to Measure Their Efforts?

Today, any tool for communications pros that purports to measure earned media MUST have the ability to track the impact of everyone and everything. Communicators must also know whether placements generated leads and sales. So, what tools do communications pros need to measure their efforts? Jay Baer asks and answers the question in the following video.

Jay Baer Asks: What Are The 3 Biggest Problems With Influencer Marketing?

There is more content than ever, but most content fails miserably. Why? Because the existence of content counts for nothing. It must be amplified. Doing so via paid is getting more and more costly. So, companies and organizations of every size, shape and category are embracing influencer marketing as the savior.

So, what are the three biggest problems with influencer marketing? Jay Baer explores this contested topic and offers insightful solutions.