The COVID-19 crisis has turned into a pandemic, and a crisis of this nature needs a tactical fool-proof Crisis Comms plan.


Like most organizations, if yours too is developing a business continuity plan, we have you covered. We're empowering all our clients and partners to actively monitor how their brand has been impacted by this pandemic with free access to our -

1. Ultimate Crisis Comms Plan to help you ace your crisis management.

- Identify quickly when a crisis is about to hit

- Ensure your crisis comms plan is up-to-scratch

- Work with your legal team to produce a perfectly pitched response

- Ensuring your spokespeople support rather than sink you

2. Crisis Comms Checklist, a 10-step checklist designed to guide you through crisis, as it unfolds.


Also, gain access to the latest Trending Topics around COVID-19 on to learn how other brands are responding to this pandemic.

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