How to pitch during times of crisis


We are in uncertain times, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact everyone’s lives. That being said, stories still need to be told and PR pros and journalists need to maintain their relationships. The challenge is clear: How do you tactfully and empathetically continue the pitching process during this crisis?

We asked journalists across various industries and geographical locations how COVID-19 has impacted pitching and how PR pros can put their best foot forward on the uncertain path ahead.

Download this pitching kit for answers to questions, including:

  • What types of stories are you looking for?

  • How has the pandemic affected your pitching preferences?

  • How can PR pros be more helpful right now?

Be sure your pitches end in placements by listening to the tips these journalists have for you. While each is unique, there is a theme: Know who you’re pitching, and how they like to be pitched.




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