MoneyGram is one of the world’s leading brands that powers cross-border money transfers and has become a household name in the industry. A company that’s been in operation for decades, MoneyGram has successfully reinvented itself in recent years by evolving to meet ever-changing consumer demand. The company – now a global fintech brand with additional innovative, digital-first products and services – has implemented a communications strategy to show that to the world.   

MoneyGram worked closely with Cision to elevate its communications strategy by utilizing best practices and SEO strategies to boost press release engagement and enhance the visibility of its releases.

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Success Metrics

  • 150% increase in engagement on press releases
  • 2x more pickup of their news

Quick Facts

  • Industry: Financial Technology
  • Company size: 1,001–5,000 employees
  • Headquarters: Dallas, TX, USA
  • Products used: Cision distribution
  • Customer Since: 2015
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The Challenge

Amplifying the Story around the Reinvention of a Legacy Company


The new MoneyGram is notable for the diverse ways it serves its customer base of more than 150 million people around the world. Examples of its expansive set of fintech offerings and fast-growing digital payment business include: its leading website and mobile app, and an API-driven platform that enables other organizations to disburse funds to their consumer clients.  Additionally, the company is exploring a venture into blockchain with programs that would facilitate real-time settlement and 24/7 payment flows.

Operating in nearly every country worldwide, MoneyGram is prioritizing stories that illustrate its digital prowess and innovative financial solutions. Although they already had high-performing press release content, they were looking to take their efforts to the next level and learn more strategies for increasing press release visibility, engagement and ultimately editorial coverage.


Out of all the distribution wires, I've always thought of Cision as the cream of the crop, and I would definitely recommend Cision to other companies, friends and colleagues.

Sydney Schoolfield

Global Lead, External Communications & Public Relations at MoneyGram

The Approach

Content Audit and Press Release Best Practices Consultation


PR Newswire performed an in-depth audit of MoneyGram’s press release content and provided actionable feedback and shared current data-driven best practices. PR Newswire demonstrated the importance of including multimedia in press releases, as images—specifically—increase engagement by six times. The client was briefed on other ways to improve communications outcomes, including strategies for SEO, hyperlinking, keywords and cadence.

Working directly with content experts at PR Newswire, the public relations specialists at MoneyGram learned how to continue to optimize their media releases for digital discovery and audience appeal in order to increase engagement and reach for their global communications.

“We were really impressed with the detailed audit and thoughtful feedback shared by the PR Newswire team,” said McKenzie Hicks, Media & Public Relations Specialist at MoneyGram. “Their recommendations were specifically tailored to our brand while also aligning and tying back to our overarching PR strategy and priorities.”


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The Results

Dramatic Increase in Press Release Pickups and Engagement


MoneyGram saw a marked increase in the effectiveness of its press releases published and distributed through PR Newswire. A 150% increase in engagement indicates that the company’s content resonated with its target audience and prompted them to take further action. Additionally, the brand received more than double the increase in the pickup of its story.

In close consultation with communications experts at PR Newswire, MoneyGram was able to evolve its press release strategy and confidently apply best practices gleaned from the global data set maintained by PR Newswire.

The client was particularly impressed with the quality of service offered by the editorial team and the editing process overall.


Next Steps

As MoneyGram looks to expand its financial service offerings to consumers and introduce new digital products into the market, press releases will continue to be an essential part of its global communications strategy.


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Key Outcomes & Benefits

Cision Improves Communication Results for MoneyGram
  • Improved content discoverability through strategic guidance, consultation and concierge-level customer service
  • Increased engagement and pickup of press release content
  • Increased credibility by partnering with a proven and trusted source


The two metrics that we typically measure most are pickup and engagement. We’ve started really leaning into engagement, as strong engagement means our release was written in a way that captivated readers so much that they took action. We’ve seen a massive uptick in engagement recently, which is really exciting for the team.

Sydney Schoolfield

Global Lead, External Communications & Public Relations at MoneyGram