Take your pick: there are the mountain luxury hotels, the yoga retreats, hotels by the beach or those equipped with spectacular spas.

All of them are different — and they’re located everywhere from New York to Seoul — but they’re all united by a commitment to creative experiences and the fact that they are part of Design Hotels. To help the world understand the sheer diversity and exotic nature of the various properties in its portfolio, Design Hotels has standardized on Cision Communications Cloud.

The success story showcases how:

  • Design Hotels found the ability to not only pitch stories but schedule one-on-one meetings that build rapport using Cision Comms Cloud
  • Cision helps Design Hotels think globally but act locally by creating “VIP lists” of journalists from high-profile publications to tailor pitches to
  • Design Hotels used Cision resources to create a one-stop newsroom that’s perfect for multimedia

And much more! Download the success story to learn more.