Enjoy spectacular savings from November 28 - December 2, 2022


Purchase a Sponsored Placement and receive*:

  • 25% off the purchase of your press release
  • A complimentary SocialPost™
  • A complimentary Influencer list
  • A complimentary Multimedia image

What is a Sponsored Placement?

This native “in feed” advertisement blends seamlessly with editorial content on publisher websites, allowing you to reach Canadian readers where they prefer to find news.

With Sponsored Placements, your press release’s headline and multimedia fit flawlessly within the website a reader is browsing. When they click on your story, it will link to your press release hosted on newswire.ca.

What is a SocialPost? 

This news release helps expand the visibility of your message via Twitter by:

  • Driving more viewers to your release
  • Capturing more overall visibility in search engines and social networks
  • Maximizing your Twitter search visibility on CNW

What is an Influencer list?

These lists deliver your message to individual reporters, outlets and influencers most likely to report on or share your news. Designed to supplement your newswire distribution, Cision Influencer Lists are segmented by industry, sector and subject. Learn more about the influencer list here.                     

What is a Multimedia Image?               

Multimedia consists of videos, photos, infographics and audio clips. When added to your press release, they are proven to increase views by as much as 3x, plus assist in being better positioned for a story pickup.


*Offer applicable for the Canadian Comprehensive Network only. Fees are based on Cision's current rate guide. Cannot be combined with an existing agreement. Offer expires December 2, 2022. Must be redeemed by December 31, 2022.

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