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We’re excited to announce the launch of Sponsored Placement Canada! 

This native “in-feed” advertisement blends seamlessly with editorial content on publisher websites, allowing you to reach Canadian readers where they prefer to find news. 

For a limited time, Cision is excited to offer you the advantage of reinforcing your brand's message with our Earned & Paid Media Combo promotion!


Offer expires September 1st, 2022


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How it Works


Cision converts your press release into a sponsored placement that matches the look and feel of the publishers’ websites you choose, based on the audiences you’re trying to reach. 

The seamless format of a Sponsored Placement allows brands to drive engagement by reaching audiences on the channels they prefer and trust.

Sponsored Placement Infographic

Canadian Single-Industry Campaign

  • 10 Premium Sites
  • 70K Impressions
  • Proof of placement

Choose from Several Industries


Canadian National News (English or French)



Health & Fitness





 Fashion & Style

Home & Garden

 Food & Beverage

Radio Canada logo

Entrepreneur logo


TSN logo

The Globe and Mail logo

Where would my press release be placed?

Explore the available publications.

Take even greater control with Sponsored Placement Custom Campaigns

Build your own Sponsored Placement campaign. Choose the publications, audiences, and reporting that will help you meet your specific campaign goals. With a Custom Campaign, you'll be able to:

  • Increase guaranteed clickthroughs on your content
  • Leverage intelligent A/B headline testing to optimize for the highest performing message
  • Improve audience targeting by persona and geography
  • Promote non-press release content
  • Mix and match multiple industry categories
  • View a custom report with performance metrics including campaign views, CTA, CTR, Top 10 Placements and more!