See clear results of your communication efforts—whether tracking the impact of individual campaigns, crisis management responses or overall media strategies.

Demonstrate PR ROI

Rely on concrete KPIs that report PR‘s value to show how messages resonate regionally, to illustrate growth by benchmarking against past performances and to determine the brand impact of each piece of coverage.

Get ahead of crises

Preserve your brand’s reputation by identifying and preparing for issues before they strike. Pinpoint the influencers involved, see audience responses in real time and use the best platforms and messaging for better crisis mitigation.

Protect brand image

Understand perception of your brand with customized concrete metrics that allow you to identify controversial issues, benchmark against competitors and instantly access unbiased intelligence about your brand for better reputation management.

Measure share of voice

Engage customers and outmaneuver competitors by understanding your place in the media landscape. Our cross-channel insights quantify share of voice, pinpoint where messages resonate most and show the true perception of your brand.