Cision’s Media Analysis Reports are customized, human-curated summary reports produced by in-house analysts and researchers. Delivered monthly, quarterly or ad-hoc, these reports provide in-depth media summaries on a wide variety of topics.

Standard Reports

Standard Reports

Our Standard reports include media analysis of brand/competitor performance, crisis coverage, industry landscapes, and influencer identification.

  • Human-curated earned media analysis and summaries
  • Incorporate both traditional and digital media
  • Include qualitative and quantitative insights

These reports can help you answer questions like:

  • How do customers perceive my brand, product, or service, and how do I stack up against my competitors?
  • What was the impact of our latest campaign or event?
  • How can I track a real-time issue or crisis that is affecting my brand/product/service?
  • Who are the key/relevant influencers — media, spokespeople, brand ambassadors — in my industry?
  • What are key trends happening in my industry or a topic of interest? What are key decision drivers for my target audience?
Premium Reports

Premium Reports

The Cision Insights approach is unique. It combines three crucial elements to provide users with custom measurement programs for their specific needs.

  • Sector experts ensure insights are supported by a team with in-depth understanding of our clients and their industries.
  • Our platforms and tools enable strategic guidance to be delivered at the speed of business.
  • Dedicated consultants with a deep understanding of research as well as communications and marketing provide answers to not only “what happened” and “why it happened” but also “what can be done about it”.
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