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Shape the future of your brand. In real-time.

The all-in-one, realtime communications platform can help you:

  • Discover the most relevant news, trends, and conversations that impact your brand, across all media channels, in realtime
  • Uncover instant actionable insights, identify risks and potential opportunities using Cision’s proprietary AI models
  • Make faster and more informed decisions wherever you are with the powerful mobile app
  • Connect with the right journalists who can tell your story best

And do it all faster and more accurately, so you have more time for what matters: Perfecting a comms strategy that doesn’t just respond to the present, but shapes the future.

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Get Your Story Out There With Confidence.

What is the top source of information journalists say they rely on most? Press releases. Along with original research, videos, photos and infographics.

Boost visibility of your multimedia content locally or around the world with the largest and most trusted source of news distribution. Cision is available 24/7 to help you on your mission to grab media’s attention (along with some headlines) to ultimately drive more awareness of your story and brand.
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Get Insight from Expert PR Analysts

Get the insights you need while saving time you don’t have. Cision’s expert research teams provide daily briefings and advanced analysis to keep you and your organization in the know when it comes to your brand, industry, hot issues and more. So you can focus on what’s next.
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We are incredibly fortunate as a brand to have a skilled Cision rep who has been a long-standing, tried-and-true partner for Chipotle. She has helped identify areas of opportunity to maximize visibility and engagement for our press releases. Together, we reviewed content, analyzed the performance of each announcement and discussed distribution strategies to institute best practices.

Erin Wolford

Vice President, External Communications, Chipotle

2024 Global Comms Report

For the seventh year in a row, Cision and PRWeek have joined forces to shed light on the trends, challenges and opportunities ahead for PR and corporate communications teams.

The 2024 Global Comms Report: Elevating & Evolving reveals insights from more than 400 senior-level communicators, delivering compelling data and actionable insights for PR and communications professionals worldwide.

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2024 Global Comms Report

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