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What would happen to the public relations industry if all network news disappeared? A report published by Convergence Consulting Group shows that 190,000 Canadians cut ties with their TV subscriptions in 2015, an 80 per cent increase from the previous year.

James Rubec - April 21, 2016

Marijuana in Canada is moving from the black market to big business and both new and existing organizations are looking to capitalize on the new industry. Find out how three industries are positioning themselves for the future.

James Rubec - March 4, 2016

Influencer marketing isn’t about finding people with the most followers. Instead target those with most engaged audiences that fit your brand’s target. Are you doing it right?

James Rubec - February 24, 2016

It’s becoming common practice for brands to pay content creators for tweets, Instagram posts and blog articles, but Cision’s 2016 State of the Media report shows that most journalists aren’t aware of influencer marketing. Or for those that are, it doesn’t seem to be a priority.

James Rubec - February 24, 2016

What if your communication strategy missed a single key to unlocking a vault full of media coverage? If you aren’t emailing journalists properly that might be the case.

James Rubec - February 19, 2016

Earlier this week we shared insights from Amanda Riva, the CEO of THP, a creative agency that specializes in servicing food and lifestyle brands. In our interview we discussed tips on how to build a successful Instagram and Snapchat channel. We also discussed how she’s grown her business since 2012. Riva’s agency has grown from three employees to now over 50 and into a 16,000 square foot office space in downtown Toronto. This year the agency is opening an office in the UK.

James Rubec - February 10, 2016

Don’t be the link weak in the chain of command during a crisis. Work on these three soft-skills to be the hero in your brand’s time of need.

James Rubec - February 3, 2016

Local news can be your secret weapon to increasing mind-share and reaching new audiences. While national papers have struggled to maintain relevancy in an every-more digital environment, total circulation of community newspapers actually increased last year by more than 2 percent, according to a study by Newspapers Canada.

James Rubec - February 1, 2016

Right now Canadian’s have bargain-basement buying power on the world’s most prized natural resource: oil. Good thing we’re part of a global economy. When the price of oil slides, as does the Canadian dollar. With a barrel of oil costing less than $30 these days, our dollar is worth around $0.70 to the U.S. dollar. That may look dire, but this is the time you should double down on public relations and marketing efforts – particularly focused on the US.

James Rubec - January 28, 2016

Cision’s Media Research team reaches out to thousands of journalists each day in an effort to enhance our knowledge base. […]

Marketing Ops - January 25, 2016

There is little more controversial than the right to die and that controversy can be big news. Last February the Supreme Court of Canada legalized physician-assisted suicide for patients suffering from debilitating and painful conditions. The move made headlines with more than 500,000 shares on social media, making it 2015’s most shared news item according to the Globe and Mail.

James Rubec - January 13, 2016

New cars might be able to park themselves but they have yet to become self-selling. Fortunately for manufactures, newspapers have proven to be valuable partners in this effort and public relations professionals have a lot to learn from that process.

James Rubec - January 11, 2016

Every New Year brings new opportunities. For content creators, that means new media channels, tactics and stories to utilize. Before you can jump into what`s new you need to make sure you have some of 2015`s most impactful content marketing and digitial communications strategies.

James Rubec - January 5, 2016

A recent Cornell study describes how Facebook users are increasingly dependent on its utility. In fact, the study asserts that users don’t leave Facebook for lack of utility: they leave for fear of addiction.

JIm Dougherty - December 21, 2015

The media in Canada is in crisis. On December 11, CHCH News announced it had filed for bankruptcy just before shedding dozens of jobs. Prior to that, one of Canada’s largest broadcasters Bell cut 400 positions, in November and The Toronto Star is writing editorial about its competitor’s job losses and executive pay. In this kind of media environment, it can be difficult for journalists and PR professionals to see a silver lining, but in this case it’s independent publishers.

James Rubec - December 17, 2015
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