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October 24, 2016 by Melissa Meyer
It wouldn’t quite be accurate for me to write that “earned media is back,” because to many communicators, it never actually left. In fact, 81 percent of marketers view earned media as more than or equally effective as paid media. Where it has been lagging behind paid and owned, however, is in the crucial layer of technology and data that brings automation, integration and attribution to earned media campaigns. To date, such innovation has been stronger on the paid and owned side. During my time at Oracle, we drove this very innovation with technology that helped marketers energize relationships, build pipeline and boost ROI.
October 21, 2016 by James Rubec
Hillary Clinton has gained an estimated 5 – 7-points on Donald Trump in the days and weeks after the first two debates. That’s nigh unprecedented. Polling isn’t in yet from the third debate, but Cision has conducted an post-debate analysis that shows how good the debate may have been for the former Secretary of State.
October 14, 2016 by Laurie Smith
The word "pivot" tends to get thrown around quite often these days. In the world of Silicon Valley, it refers to taking a different business direction or hiding some level of failure. In the corporate and media relations universe, pivoting means ditching the negative to pursue a more positive agenda and messaging.
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