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Find influencers, build awareness, share brand news with press releases, and track coverage across traditional and social media outlets with a single PR software solution.

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Search millions of posts and mine the data that will help you monitor the social performance and engagement of your brand to make informed business decisions.

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Arm yourself with a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of a single campaign or an entire media program from strategy to evaluation.
All-In-One Media Intelligence Platform
Find the right influencers
  • Access in­-depth media profiles
  • Connect with digital influencers
  • Uncover real­-time pitching opportunities
  • Map upcoming editorial coverage
Share your story
  • Send press releases via web, wire & email
  • Reach top influencers and outlets
  • Measure your releases’ impact
Analyze your impact
  • Quantify reach and coverage of campaigns
  • Benchmark results against competitors
  • Identify relevant social conversations
  • Gauge effectiveness with real­-time reports
Track your story
  • Track sentiment across all media
  • Monitor digital, broadcast and print outlets
  • Easily provide news briefs to the C­-Suite
A Few of Our Clients
The Cision team created a tailor made report for us that hit all our targets and revealed key insights that will affect our media outreach plans in the future. The team was dedicated, easy to work with and always available to listen to our feedback and answer our questions. The final analysis is accessible and a key tool for presenting our results to all stakeholders. I would recommend Cision to anyone looking for a thorough, insightful analysis of media coverage.
Pamela Mollica Director of Communications, TIFF 
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Featured Content

n the fifth edition of Cision’s Social Journalism Study we have found that journalists have a love/hate relationship with their social channels. They love to publish and promote their content, but they dislike how social engagement may be eroding the foundations of journalism and its values.

August 18, 2016

Leads alone mean nothing if you can’t turn them to sales. You might as well be talking about a city in the English county of Yorkshire. What leaders need to know about is revenue, return on investment (ROI)and which campaigns converted to generate both.

James Rubec - August 18, 2016

In advance of the holiday season magazine and newspaper editors are inundated by product samples and pitches. It is estimated that there are 4.1 public relations professionals for every journalist in Canada, so you can imagine how the ratio rolls up into editors. Use this checklist before shipping this season’s samples to ensure editors translate your products to media mentions.

James Rubec - August 17, 2016
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