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Four Tips for Marketers Looking to Understand Diverse Audiences

Small businesses that once serviced niche audiences are now just a few clicks away from customers all over the globe. […]

Nine Things You’re Not Doing (But Should Be) With Media Monitoring Software

Tracking what people are saying about you isn't the only task a media monitoring system can help you complete. Make the most of your software with these 9 tips.

What is Media Monitoring and Why Does it Matter?

As a PR pro, after every communications campaign, you may often ask yourself — what was the impact of my efforts? Consider this familiar scenario ...

How to Use Google to Write the Best Headline for your Press Release

Let’s face it — it’s extremely difficult to attract audiences. Even if you have the most ground-breaking news in the […]

Understanding Web Analytics Integrations: Laying a Foundation

From traffic to revenue, web analytics provides a clearer picture of how audiences and consumers engage with websites, and prove return on investment (ROI).

How to Fix a Failing Content Strategy

Content marketing is no longer enough. Today, brands must attract customers with high-quality content, impacting their target audience through an array of online channels.

What PR Can Learn From Digital Advertising

If PR can learn to incorporate the analytical aspects of digital display advertising, it will be primed for great success and further investment.

How to Boost PR Campaigns With Social Data

As social media becomes woven into the workflow of communications professionals, it can feel daunting to understand what content will resonate with your influencers and the target audiences that engage with them. Learn what influencers are saying about your brand on social.

Cision Enters the New Year with Acquisitions that Enhance Media Monitoring and Analysis

Here at Cision® we had a very busy holiday season.

How to Attribute Value to Your Earned Media

Everyone expects to compete on “a level playing field” and yet that has not been the case for senior PR/Comms […]

Welcome to The New Cision® Blog

You may have noticed that a few things have changed around here. Today, we launched the new optimized version of […]

Spearheading the Convergence of PR and Marketing

Over the past decade, the lines between PR and marketing have blurred. PR professionals aim to create more content and […]

Why Should Small Businesses Use a Media Database?

Why should small businesses invest in a media database and earned media overall? Read on to find out.

Using Dynamic Listening to Reach New Customers

With the media landscape evolving at the speed of technology, communicators need to be able to listen dynamically to their audiences across multiple media channels. It's no longer just the mainstream media that needs to be taken into account.

Jay Baer Asks: What Are The 3 Biggest Problems With Influencer Marketing?

In this video, Baer talks about how influencer marketing is a powerful strategy that can easily go wrong. Not only does he discuss pitfalls to avoid, but he also offers solutions to improve your outreach.

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