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There are many potential candidates who could take the helm but before they do each will need to engage with the public and increase their awareness. Here are 7 tips on how they, or any brand, can do that effectively:

James Rubec - April 14, 2016

When Canada competes against the Americas’ at this summer’s Pan Am and Parapan AM Games, our 977 athletes will proudly […]

James Rubec - May 7, 2015

Brace yourselves. There are 500 million tweets and 400 million Snapchats sent every day. Six billion hours of video are […]

Martin Waxman - April 22, 2015

If there is one lesson we can learn from Hollywood ( and know it’s not necessarily how to tell a […]

Martin Waxman - April 17, 2015

It started with the written word. And it’s long been said that, in addition to being organized and entrepreneurial, PR […]

Martin Waxman - April 9, 2015

We teamed up with Brian Solis and Gapingvoid Art to explore how relationships are at the core of PR and […]

Mira Blumenthal - January 27, 2015

Erica Ehm, Founder and Publisher of has plenty of experience working with brands. She started YMC 8 years ago […]

Mira Blumenthal - January 23, 2015

As the brains behind one of the Web’s premier resources for independent travelers, I’ve had the opportunity to work with dozens […]

MXGroup Admin - January 12, 2015

When we’re introducing ourselves and our expertise, we have to remember that people really don’t care about us. What they […]

Cision - January 5, 2015

Spreadsheets are just like anything else. No matter how awesome something is – whether it’s chocolate or Benedict Cumberbatch – […]

Mira Blumenthal - December 8, 2014

Have a speaking engagement in 2015? Download this tip sheet and give you 2015 presentations a boost. Get valuable pointers […]

Mira Blumenthal - December 3, 2014

Travel influencers are constantly teaming up with a variety of brands. From tourism boards and airlines, to hotel chains, restaurants and […]

MXGroup Admin - August 13, 2014

The hashtag is a remarkable tool for today’s social communicator. It enables conversations, segmentation, organization and analysis. It is a […]

Jennifer Rideout - July 24, 2014

Determining which PR software to buy isn’t as simple as it seems. This checklist will help you ask the right […]

MXGroup Admin - July 23, 2014

This post was originally published on July 4th 2014 on Rock-It Promotion’s blog, On the Fourth Floor There is never a […]

Mira Blumenthal - July 8, 2014
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