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Update Your PR Strategy With These Four Content Marketing Tactics

In PR today, email-blasted press releases are making way for a more strategic approach that relies on content marketing.

Making Your Content More Snackable for the Modern-Day Consumer

Getting through to a distracted audience requires “content snacking” — delivering small, relevant nuggets of information that people can consume on the go.

Stop Being Afraid to Tell Your Clients the Truth

Are you afraid of telling your clients the hard truth? It's time for agencies to stop being afraid of their clients and to start opening up. Learn how.

Three Ways to Prepare Your Brand for a Major PR Campaign

Launching a PR campaign (in any capacity) will always involve a great deal of planning, foresight, creativity, and of course, […]

Three Ways to Get the Masses to Take Your PR Content Seriously

The “masses” are a fascinating bunch. We live in a time when humans are exposed to an overwhelming barrage of […]

Four Lessons Marketers Can Learn From Nelson Mandela

When Nelson Mandela passed away in 2013, he left behind a legacy of wisdom and positive change around the world. […]

Marketing to Your Advantage: Bringing Innovation to the Forefront

I was at the 2018 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this February, an event of overwhelming size and scale. Everyone there wanted […]

Want Better Crisis Management? Media Monitoring Can Help

Almost every brand goes through a phase when its reputation is at stake. While it takes years to garner goodwill […]

Five PR Tips for Handling Security Disasters in Your Organization

According to data from the World Economic Forum, on average, more than 25 per cent of a company’s market value […]

Three Skills Every PR Specialist Should Master

In many ways, the “PR specialist” has to play the role of a Swiss Army knife in business communications. Getting […]

Four Distribution Tactics to Use to Keep Your Content From Going Nowhere

Successful marketing depends on high-quality content, but you can’t create content without a distribution strategy and expect great results. When […]

Three Content Marketing Lessons That Will Improve Your PR Strategy

When you think of traditional PR, what do you picture? If you’re like me, you might imagine someone filling in […]

How to Master Livestream Q&A for Better Engagement

Incorporating live video into your marketing mix has proven to be an excellent way to reach customers on a more […]

How to Use Data-Backed Storytelling to Improve Your PR Efforts

It’s safe to say that nearly every business seeks to be more data-driven these days. Being able to back up […]

PR in the Age of NewsBots: a Pitched Battle

In the (uncomfortably) near future, a far greater portion of news stories — the recap of yesterday’s game, the earnings […]

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