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How to Engage New Media Relationships to Get Them to Cover You

Building and maintaining relationships is essential to any public relationships strategy, but taking that first step to reach out can be intimidating.

Which is Better — Solo PR Pros or Large Agencies?

Which is better — a solo PR professional or a large agency? A journalist or a PR professional? Marketing or […]

Why New Companies Need Great PR

After the acquisition of my previous company, starting a new company honestly sounded a bit intimidating. It was scary to […]

Five Ways to Use In-House Video to Enhance the Impact of PR

When it comes to video creation, there are multiple benefits to in-house creating. Learn how to use in-house created video.

The Past, Present & Future of Artificial Intelligence in PR

AI sparks varying sentiments of fear, excitement, skepticism and curiosity in PR professionals — what exactly is AI and what does it mean for the future of PR?

Three Profound Ways “Culture Fit” Impacts Your PR Efforts

Customers have a better experience and a higher satisfaction rate when they purchase from a company with a highly engaged culture. Read on to learn why

Winning at PR: How Startups Can Create Data-Driven PR Strategies

Most startups face significant challenges when it comes to public relations but incorporating data into your strategy comes with tons of benefits.

Predictive PR: How Artificial Intelligence Changes Public Relations

Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the way we do business, from physical labour to digital campaigns. Whether you view the […]

Holiday-Themed Content You Can Reuse Through the Year

Topical content doesn’t have to affect earned media statistics. PR professionals can bridge the gap between seasonal and evergreen content.

Update Your PR Strategy With These Four Content Marketing Tactics

In PR today, email-blasted press releases are making way for a more strategic approach that relies on content marketing.

Making Your Content More Snackable for the Modern-Day Consumer

Getting through to a distracted audience requires “content snacking” — delivering small, relevant nuggets of information that people can consume on the go.

Stop Being Afraid to Tell Your Clients the Truth

Are you afraid of telling your clients the hard truth? It's time for agencies to stop being afraid of their clients and to start opening up. Learn how.

Three Ways to Prepare Your Brand for a Major PR Campaign

Launching a PR campaign (in any capacity) will always involve a great deal of planning, foresight, creativity, and of course, […]

Three Ways to Get the Masses to Take Your PR Content Seriously

The “masses” are a fascinating bunch. We live in a time when humans are exposed to an overwhelming barrage of […]

Four Lessons Marketers Can Learn From Nelson Mandela

When Nelson Mandela passed away in 2013, he left behind a legacy of wisdom and positive change around the world. […]

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