Multi-channel media intelligence and insights illustrate key performance drivers of an organization’s reputation management strategy.

Determine reputation drivers

Our comprehensive media analysis program integrates social and traditional media insights to help you identify hot-button issues, measure performance against peers and evaluate how your media strategy impacts brand reputation.

Understand competitor performance

When it comes to measuring results, benchmarking against competitors is key. Cision Global Insights teams measure key metrics, including brand-specific tone and positioning on core reputation drivers to evaluate your performance against competitors.

Obtain metrics on-demand through dashboards

Your brand is your most valuable asset. Stay ahead of forces that affect your brand with Cision’s digital dashboards, allowing you to bridge from thoughtful perspectives on media strategies to current measurement of custom performance indicators.

Meet Our Lead Analysts

Ernie de Wal

Ernie has more than 30 years of experience with operations, technology, sales and marketing, and PR and communications management. As Vice President of Knowledge Management, he leads our experienced team of analysts helping organizations who invest in their reputation, brand and communications.

Dena Jackson

Dena joined Cision in 2012 and as our Manager of Analysis Services. She now oversees the work of our media experts who operate in both official languages. Her team specializes in gathering and analyzing traditional and social media, helping PR leaders determine ROI while providing keen insights to their organizations.

Gregory Dalmasso

Gregory has 17 years of experience in media monitoring and analysis giving him the broad based knowledge to provide in-depth insights. As Superviseur, Services d’analyse, he provides his expertise to our clients in Quebec, in both English and French.

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