Your customers are human. It means your brand should be too. Even though this seems like a no-brainer, many companies struggle with creating a connection that emotionally ties consumers to a product or service. Learn how this key insight has changed with the development of technology and social media, and see how your brand can update their engagement strategies.

In our webinar, Ken Evans, Senior Vice President at APEX PR, unravels the mystery and mechanics of humanizing your brand. Ken looks at how developing  a brand personality will help reach consumers on an emotional level, and will in turn inspire brand loyalty.

Ken also explains that every brand has a story which goes beyond the style and the look of their logo. According to Evans, this story, or brand personality, must include a balance between the left and right brains; it should appeal to both the creative and the mathematical. The PR pro breaks down the well-known tactic of humanization and offers practical advice.

This webinar will help you:

  • Create a personality for your brand
  • Understand the elements that build your brand’s narrative
  • Add the principals of gaming into your brand story
  • Build an emotional connection that inspires brand loyalty and consumer engagement
  •  Earn ROI by humanizing your brand

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