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It’s a multichannel world. But as customers have become more connected across channels, communicators have become more disconnected.

Communications teams struggle with gaps in analytics, content data, distribution, and technology. They are often forced to use different services to accomplish their tasks, which makes it challenging (and sometimes impossible) to connect their PR efforts to business outcomes.

Which makes today’s news particularly exciting.

This morning we announced the arrival of Cision Communications Cloud which in one unified platform we now have the ability to listen, target, create, engage and analyze. CNW is excited to usher in this new era and excited to see our most trusted content distribution network integrated into a single, best-in-class cloud-based platform.

Cision’s CEO, Kevin Akeroyd explains here.

By providing access to all of Cision’s and all of CNW’s powerful capabilities under one umbrella, the new Communication Cloud paves the path to smarter communications.

Turn fragmentation into coordination today. Request a demo of the new Cision Communications Cloud and start executing a unified, real-time and profitable communications strategy across all of your media channels.

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Nicole Guillot is President, Canada at Cision.

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