PR is becoming a data-driven business. Advertising equivalencies (AVEs) are out; engagement metrics and bottom-line results are in.

How can you begin to leverage big data in your PR efforts? Consider these three tips:

  1. Start small. You don’t have to measure everything straight off the running block. Start with one or two campaigns. Focus on them and expand from there. Slow and steady will win the numbers race, not sprinting.
  2. Triangulate your data. Even with your “small” efforts, you should triangulate your data. Use at least three data sources to develop a better picture of your efforts and impact on your audience. For example, weave together an email promotion, social updates and website analytics. The three sources will help you understand how the components affect each other as well as the whole.
  3. Pursue insights. Data is only data. It is not the secret to success. That secret is found in insights, something you learn to glean by starting small and triangulating data streams.

Big data is here, and it’s the future of PR. Prepare yourself for it by starting to measure your efforts; practicing data triangulation; and pursuing insights.

Learn how Cision can help make your big data more targeted and digestible.

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