Baseball  has quite the following in Canada. In fact, over two-thirds of us followed at least part of the Toronto Blue Jays’ playoff run. Fans across North America have been tweeting & posting fervently all season long, and will conclude later tonight in a Game 7 showdown.

Although Toronto didn’t advance to the World Series (still not over it), there’s still lots of valuable data for brands to glean from fans across the MLB. Cision’s latest white paper, Major League Insights into Baseball’s Social Media Fans, dives deep into the demographics and psychographics of your social media audience.

We monitored the fans of one of baseball’s oldest teams (and potential World Series winner), the Chicago Cubs. Here’s what we learned:



Stop playing small ball and read Cision’s “Major League Insights into Baseball’s Social Media Fans” today!

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Melissa Meyer is Cision’s Manager of Community and oversees Cision’s online customer community, Cision City. She has over 5 years’ experience in PR, writing, community and social media management. You can find her chatting about all thing PR, pop culture and basketball @_MelissaMeyer

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