Monday is Election Day and after the longest federal election campaign in Canadian history the electorate is already turning out in droves. Compared to 2011, advance polls have seen a 75 per cent increase in voting. There is still time to decide on who to vote for though. If you need some help deciding, we’ve found a valuable tool use by more than 1.45 million Canadians this year alone.

voter idAccording to the site, Vote Compass is “an online, educational tool developed by political scientists to help you explore how you fit in Canada’s political landscape.” In laymens terms, the site provides a survey with questions about your sentiment towards the the politics and platforms of the four major Canadian political parties. Based on your answers, the tool shows a visual representation of where you land on the political spectrum.

We recently spoke with the team at Vox Pop Labs, the developers behind Vote Compass, about digital tactics PR and marketing professionals can use to re-engage with followers, fans or survey respondents. Stay tuned next week for more info.

Until then, don’t miss out on your chance to engage in the democratic process. Follow the tips from Elections Canada and have your voice heard.

On election night we will be live tweeting from @Cision_Canada, sharing insights from communicators across Canada. Follow the election online by searching hashtags #elxn42 and #cndpoli.

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