It’s well known that PR pros always need to be on their toes. As content strategies and media relations continue to evolve, PR pros need to work hard to stay current.

To keep up with where PR is going, agencies have broken down the traditional agency model and are integrating their departments and developing innovation labs. Big-name firms such as NKPR, Veritas Communications and Edelman have embraced the ever-shrinking gap between of PR and advertising with open arms.

As Krista Webster, President of Veritas explains in the video, the innovation lab is part of an effort to bring together the best of both PR and advertising.

This new model brings the account reps and creative team together to act as an unstoppable force. The account reps continue to focus on growing the relationship with the client, as the creative team comes up with innovative campaigns – together they can produce more successful end results.

Below are a few examples of how the PR landscape is changing and what some agencies have done to stay ahead of the curve.

NKPR: NKPR launched a new talent division within their agency this year – NK Artists. Founder and President, Natasha Koifman, describes the program as a way to partner talented artists with like-minded brands to create fresh ideas and unique influencer programs.

“I love the idea of taking really talented people and helping them become the brand they want to be”

Edelman: Back in 2010, Edelman launched the 8095 Exchange to tap into the minds of millennials. The PR giant was one of the first agencies to set out and study how consumers born between the years of 1980 and 1995 connect with brands, and how influence affects their purchase decisions. Learn more about this initiative from the fact sheet.

The Evolving Role of Brands for the Millennial Generation from Edelman Insights

Veritas: More recently, Veritas Communications launched its Growth and Innovation Lab. With a focus on mapping out campaigns more holistically, the lab will become the agency’s “cerebral cortex”. Veritas’ ultimate goal is to have creatives and account reps working together to make the agency’s internal and external communication more seamless.

Listen to Krista Webster’s explanation of how this shift toward integrated strategy is affecting the face of PR and what the future of the industry looks like.

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