By Niki Singh, @nikisingh

A Timbit covered in jam and baked into a doughnut – sounds like an Epic Meal Time concoction. ‘The Priestley’, named after Canadian actor Jason Priestley,was inspired by a recent How I Met your Mother episode. As Priestley explained on the show, he crammed a Timbit into a strawberry vanilla and stated that it “ Should’ve been the best day of my life.”

The delicacy was meant to parody Canadians and their love affair with Tim Hortons. The company turned fiction into reality when they created and promoted their version of the dessert.

In a matter of hours, the photo received 1,423 retweets and 472 favourites. The PR move was also featured in outlets like CBC, and The Toronto Star. Not to mention, even Jason Priestley replied: “@TimHortons Thank you Tim Hotron’s!!! This is the proudest day of my life!!! A doughnut maned after me at Timmie’s?? #bestdayever

At the moment, there are no plans to sell the doughnut in their stores, however, if the store decides otherwise, it will be the #bestdayever

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