On July 1, 1867, the British Empire enacted the British North American Act creating what would later be known as Canada. Exciting, we know! Since that day, our nation has strived to showcase how proud we really are of our founding.

In 1982,an act of Parliament rebranded our celebration from Dominion Day to the much more SEO friendly Canada Day. Today we wave flags, paint our faces and display our patriotism all over social media. We analyzed the conversations on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Tumblr to showcase how much Canadians are talking and sharing about our national holiday.

Check out the infographic below (or Click here to download the PDF) for the results of our social media analysis.


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James Rubec is a data geek, a former public relations lead and journalist with a love of content and advocacy. Ask him anything @JamesRRubec and be sure to follow @Cision_Canada

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