As the U.S. election enters its final 30-day stretch, Canadians have been busy following each candidate’s campaign, which have been both entertaining and controversial. The media continues to play an impactful role in the nation’s selection of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but with countless news sources to choose from, who are Canadians turning to for comment?

We took a look at four more Canadian influencers that are certainly ones to watch as this election comes to a close.


daniel dale

Daniel Dale, Washington Correspondent, Toronto Star

@ddale8 — 70,173K Followers

Daniel Dale covered Toronto’s city hall from 2010 to early 2015 before moving into his current role as Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star. He has been fact checking Donald Trump’s events throughout the campaign, which he shares frequently on social media. He has won two Goff Penny awards as Canada’s best young journalist and a National Newspaper Award for short features.



StevenCrowderSteven Crowder, Host, Louder with Crowder

@scrowder — 263,760 Followers

Steven Blake Crowder is a conservative Canadian-American actor, comedian, former contributor to the Fox News Channel, and regular guest on TheBlaze, frequently featured on The Glenn Beck Program and The Dana Show. Crowder’s commentary and comedy is at times controversial, such as when he drew a picture of the Prophet Muhammad on his YouTube channel.


Neal MNealMacdonaldacdonald, Senior Correspondent, CBC News

Neal Macdonald covered U.S politics for 12 years before moving into his current role as a Senior Correspondent for CBC News in Ottawa. There, he covers national and international issues such as the MMIW inquiry and gun culture. Despite no longer having a physical presence on social media, his articles are frequently shared on Twitter and Facebook.



SarahKliffSarah Kliff, Deputy Managing Editor,

@sarahkliff — 52,372 Followers

Sarah Kliff is a senior editor at, where she oversees health, medicine, and education coverage. She left The Washington Post and joined Ezra Klein and Matthew Yglesias at Vox in 2014. Kliff also hosts Vox’s The Weeds podcast. She recently published an in-depth review of a study which suggests that better use of birth control is reducing teen pregnancy rates in the United States.


Kliff is #53 on Cision Top 100 Election 2016 Journalists and Editors, read our full list and find out who’s number one, read our white paper today!


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