Local news can be your secret weapon to increasing mind-share and reaching new audiences. While national papers have struggled to maintain relevancy in an every-more digital environment, total circulation of community newspapers actually increased last year by more than 2 percent, according to a study by Newspapers Canada.

As of June 2015 there were 1,083 community papers publishing more than 21 million copies every week. So don’t overlook community news!

Some papers reach hundreds of thousands of readers and doorsteps every week , influencing important demographics of Canadians on issues that your brand could respond to.

Here are the 21 largest community papers in terms of circulation in Canada:

# Newspaper Market EDITION  Total Circulation
1 Calgary Herald Neighbours Calgary Thursday                        295,000
2 Niagara This Week Niagara Thursday                        151,925
3 Courrier du Sud (Le) Longueuil/Saint-Lambert/Lemoyne/Greenfield Park/Sa Wednesday                        149,600
4 Écho de Laval (L’) Laval Wednesday                        147,205
5 The Londoner London Thursday                        140,600
6 Rive-Sud Express (Le) Longueuil Wednesday                        138,663
7 Courrier Laval Bilingue Laval Wednesday                        132,202
8 London Community News London Thursday                        129,642
9 Brampton Guardian Brampton Thursday                        126,416
10 Mississauga News Mississauga Thursday                        123,055
11 Scarborough Mirror Scarborough Friday                        118,726
12 The Now Surrey/North Delta/White Rock Tuesday                        117,606
13 Edmonton Examiner Edmonton Wednesday                        116,732
14 Étoile Dieppe Moncton Thursday                        114,000
15 North York Mirror North York Thursday                          95,006
16 Sunday Phoenix Saskatoon Sunday                          93,739
17 Revue de Gatineau (La) Gatineau Wednesday                          93,599
18 Niagara This Week Niagara Wednesday                          90,739
19 The Liberal Richmond Hill/Thornhill Thursday                          83,416
20 The Vancouver Courier – West Side Vancouver Friday                          83,381
21 The Leader Surrey/North Delta Tuesday                          82,529


If you are still not convinced that local media could help your brand, read up on the Top 20 Daily Newspapers in Canada.

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