By Molara Awosedo, @OHMolara

When you think of Dempsters bread, fruit smoothies certainly don’t come to mind.

However, a new Canadian campaign featuring  comedian Gerry Dee (of CBC’s Mr. D fame) in an online spot that hilariously draws attention to the nutritional benefits of bread.  Cundari produced the candid camera video featuring Mr. Dee mushing  full slices of bread into Canadians’ fruit smoothies- what he says is providing extra vitamins.  No doubt the humour of this digital campaign has left quite the impression.

Already over the 850,000 views mark on YouTube, the response has been mostly positive, receiving about 350 likes on YouTube. One YouTuber even seems excited at the prospect of a bread smoothie, “I would have liked to see the bread blended up, it might actually taste alright and fill you up too,” warrenhardy writes.

Who knows, maybe the campaign will turn bread smoothies into a new Canadian delicacy.

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