By Mira Blumenthal @mirablu and Julie Geller @JulieGeller

Tweets, Vines, Snapchats – there’s a lot of emphasis on micro-blogging and bite-sized content these days. In spite of this, however, there’s also been a new surge of interest in longer-form branded content and visual storytelling. Although it can be easy to get caught up in the hype of content trends, the power of a story told through beautiful imagery seems to be an effective way to make your brand message have the most impact.

This has us thinking that the branded mid-length documentary can be a sustainable way to grow your content marketing strategy.

The branded documentary is engaging for many reasons. It sits at a unique place between short and long form content and for this reason, it allows viewers to become invested in the human element of the story, while remaining brief enough to be understood as an ad.

See how Patagonia, Canadian Tire, Free People and other brands are leveraging branded shorts.


In this 28 minute documentary called Worn Wear: A Film About the Stories We Wear, the outdoor attire giant showcases the longevity of their goods while also sharing the touching stories of their customers.


Guinness presents a portrait of the Sapeurs in the Congo – a group of fashionable men who choose to celebrate life despite the hardships of their environment.

Free People

Free People created a series of short films that compliment the whimsy of their clothing and brand story. Each set of episodes features a collection of clothing that the viewer can browse online after watching.Watch for celebrity appearances!

Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire froze one of their MotoMaster car batteries and put it to the test with a truck made out of ice. This challenge was a nod to the cold Canadian climate, and a fun, creative way to prove the reliability of their product.

Noble Denim

Noble Denim emphasizes Americana and craftsmanship in this short film about their brand’s history and future.


Chevrolet shares a series of heart-warming stories about their trucks being passed from generation to generation.

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