Innovations in technology often mean new platforms for communicators to utilize. To help you keep up with the new media we’ve compiled a list of journalists, editors and multimedia content creators who are publishing content multiple times a week, for leading publications in their niche. Here are the seven technology journalists (in no particular order) to follow to stay in-the-know:

Amber1. Amber MacArthur, TV Host/Author/Owner of Konnekt Digital Entertainment


MacArthur cut her teeth as a tech author and TV host in Silicon Valley while working as a strategist with Razorfish and Microsoft. Today she’s one of Canada’s most recognizable technology experts for her work on CBC, CTV, G4 Tech TV and currently as the host of an Internet of Things (Internet connected devices and appliances) web series, Connected Homes, where MacArthur reviews connected devices in the home on She’s also a blogger with Fast Company and lauded keynote speaker.  MacArthur has interviewed hundreds of tech CEOs and entrepreneurs expanding her knowledge and access to report on why an innovation is valuable and how it will benefit the industry and society’s day-to-day lives.

Douglas2. Douglas Soltys, Managing Editor, Betakit


As the managing editor of Betakit and a senior editor with MobileSyrup, Soltys provides context to the headlines coming out of Canada’s start-up and venture capital community. He doesn’t just cover when a company secures millions in funding, but also how that will affect the company’s future, what it means for its partners and where it lands in comparison to similar tools or applications.

Daneil3. Daniel Bader, Editor-in-Chief, Mobilesyrup


Bader cohosts the podcast SyrupCast with Soltys where the pair test and analyse new devices and discuss life in the start-up space with encyclopedic breadth. Bader connects with his audience further through personable, feature articles on brands, devices and applications.  He doesn’t just review a phone, but takes readers behind the veil at the tech company through interviews with the project team that designed the tool.

Ben4. Ben Myers, Editor, Dx3 Digest


Myers is in touch with the apex between the retailers like Indigo, start-ups like Shopify and big brands like IBM.  He curates the Dx3 Digest, which reports on advertising and commerce technologies, and focuses his own writing on wearables, the work lives of start-up professionals, and new developments in retail marketing technology. Myers’ work puts his audience at the front lines of technology launches or agency events, and inside the offices of Toronto’s leading technology companies.

Nora5. Nora Young, Host, CBC’s Spark


Young as a CBC host focused on new media and technology. Spark brings out the humanity in high-tech by showcasing how technology affects our lives. Her show airs Sunday afternoons on CBC Radio One and translates complicated new developments in tech into plain language for the masses. Despite having hosted 200+ episodes, Young brings a sense of constant wonder to her interviews while keeping the conversations from entering into pure techno-babble.

Jonathan6. Jonathan Ore, Senior Writer for Arts and Technology, CBC

Canada has one of the most active gaming communities in the world. Ore, for the CBC and, writes professional and detailed gaming reviews. His writing is humourous and, for those of us who don’t have time to login to a new computer game, his pieces bring a healthy dose of nostalgia that doesn’t shortcut on facts or objectivity.

Jesse7. Jesse Hirsh, Strategist/Broadcaster/Founder MetaView Media Management


With a column featured on CBC, Hirsh analyses a blend of high-tech and public policy. His work offers a holistic view of the effects that technology trends will have on Canadians and isn’t afraid to discuss the downfalls and potential perils of a more digital and connected world. Hirsch provides a fresh perspective on education and technology policy.

Who do you follow to keep up with technology? Share your favourites journalists or publications in the comments below.

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