By Mira Blumenthal and Julie Geller

In 2013, Twitter went public, “selfie” was the official word of the year and Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball became a ubiquitous meme. Before January comes to an end, we wanted to take a moment to review some serious and remarkable events that contributed to a year that won’t soon be forgotten.

The year was action-packed – we witnessed notable births, tragic deaths, government scandals and a Canadian in outer space. With all these newsworthy stories, we wanted to know: what interested the Canadian media most? As our coverage captured, here is an ordered list of 10 of the most talked about people in the Canadian media in 2013.

Radio and Television Media Mentions – 2013*

Barack Obama 192,428
Stephen Harper 143,001
Rob Ford 100,788
Mike Duffy 60,591
Justin Trudeau 59,235
Nelson Mandela 55,816
Chris Hadfield 14,815
Pope Francis 12,420
Royal Baby 11,604
Edward Snowden 11,588

So, what do these numbers say about the way we consume media? It seems that Canadians are equally engaged in both international events and stories that are closer to home. We witnessed historic moments and horrific natural disasters throughout 2013, but no matter if it was an up or a down, within Canada or abroad, Canadian reporters were on the ground and Canadian audiences were listening.

Of course, these are just a sampling of some of the significant stories that happened this year. Are there any stats that you’re curious about? Let us know and we’ll post a follow-up.

*Data calculated using Cision monitored sources

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