Six Tactics for Uncovering Your Brand’s Story

When it comes to branding, PR and marketing pros have many effective tactics at their disposal. Storytelling is at the […]

No, Advertising is not Dead

Advertising continuously renews itself. The difference today is that it will be audiences and influencers who disseminate those messages opposed to direct display advertising.

Writing Viral Stories Takes a Village (and Luck)

Writing satirical news stories is all fun and games until a story crashes the server and propels your brands to worldwide recognition. Alexander Huntley is a staff writer with Canadian satirical news site The Beaverton, an online publication staffed by volunteers from across Canada that holds its story meetings on a private Facebook group and chooses its headlines democratically using ‘likes’.

How to Make Data Relatable, Digestible and Effective

Data, data, everywhere and none of it fit to drink. The stories we tell today can now be backed up by numbers and a slurry of facts, but unless you package that information in an effective and easy-to-digest manner to your audience, it will get lost in a sea of numbers. Enter data journalism.