Social Media Analysis

How Digital Media Predicted Election 2015

Using Cision Social Edition we monitored the conversation on Twitter and Instagram around four of the major national parties—Liberal, Conservative, New Democratic Party and the Green Party—as well as their leaders Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Elizabeth May, respectively. In our measurement between October 15 and October 17, we found that our share of voice for the four national parties aligned within two and five percentage points of the actual result.

3 Social Media Lessons from the 2015 Election

Canadian political parties are currently in communications overdrive. Everyday there are more than 24,000 messages shared about the four major political parties and their leaders. On August 27 Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau announced his plan, to run three years of federal budget deficits his name was mentioned more than 11,000 times on Twitter in a single day. Even with all of that engagement three social media lessons hold true:

Election At-A-Glance:  Harper Under Fire

For the second week in a row Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada are the most […]

Election at a glance: Trudeau gains 7,974 followers

With the first Canadian election debate behind her Green Party Leader Elizabeth May's social media mentions have dropped considerably. Meanwhile commentary on the Mike Duffy Senate expenses trial and Nigel Wright's testimony as well as a series of policy announcements have kept Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party on top of mind.

Find Out Who Won the #MacDebate on Social Media

Maclean’s National Leaders Debate last night gave the four major party leaders­­ —Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, New Democratic Party Leader Thomas Mulcair and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May—their first opportunity to square off on the political issues at the forefront of Canada’s news. Though the election isn’t until October 19, you can already track who is winning and losing followers in real-time on social media.

6 Amazing Facts About #OSHEAGA2015

Montreal’s Osheaga music and arts festival is one of Canada’s most popular outdoor music events with over 135,000 attendees visiting Parc Jean-Drapeau between July 31 and August 2. This year was the festival’s 10th anniversary and to celebrate its continued success we monitored its popularity on social media and wanted to share what we found.

Rogers Cup Social Media Guide

Rogers Cup is Canada’s premier tennis event attracting hundreds of thousands of fans to events in Toronto and Montreal as well as millions watching from home. We used our social software to track the conversation on social media to find out who is talking about the tournament and what they are saying. You will also find a list of the top players’ social handles so you can follow along throughout the matches.

6 Shocking Facts About the Pan Am Games

Some have argued recently that Toronto’s Pan Am Games have been a marketing disaster. While tickets sales may be been slow, an event’s success can be more about the marketing and branding it provides. In this case, the global impact of the games has helped brand the city as “a place where we get things done,” according to Mayor John Tory.

#Budget2015 by the Numbers

We tracked the social conversation around the announcement using our social software reviewing more than 200,000 mentions of #Budget2015 and […]

The Real Winners of the JUNO Awards

Last month’s JUNO Awards had Canada’s top musicians vying for the coveted statues. While record sales and a predetermined governing […]