Social Listening

Generating Leads From Social Conversations

This post is an excerpt from the e-book, Listen: 5 Social Audiences Brands Can’t Afford to Ignore.  Back in June […]

Trudeaumania in 2015: New PM Reaches 1.128 Billion People

In the 1960s and 70s Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s words and actions became synonymous with Canadian identity and bringing in such vast quantities of headlines that reporters dubbed it Trudeaumania, a play on Beatlemania sweeping North America at the same time. Fast forward 45 years and the Trudeau craze is back, this time on social media and with the younger man of the family, new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau—Pierre’s son.

3 Valuable Lessons From the B2B Marketing Forum

For B2B marketers, the struggle is real. Presenting our products in a fun and sexy way sometimes doesn’t come as easily […]

Election at a glance: Trudeau gains 7,974 followers

With the first Canadian election debate behind her Green Party Leader Elizabeth May's social media mentions have dropped considerably. Meanwhile commentary on the Mike Duffy Senate expenses trial and Nigel Wright's testimony as well as a series of policy announcements have kept Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party on top of mind.

Measuring #CanadaDay

To help celebrate Canada day we tracked the conversation around the hashtag #CanadaDay and the most talked about topics are watching fireworks, family picnics & backyard BBQs

#Budget2015 by the Numbers

We tracked the social conversation around the announcement using our social software reviewing more than 200,000 mentions of #Budget2015 and […]