ROI for Communications Pros Part 2: Content Creation and Promotion

ROI for Communications Pros is a three-part series that explores the basics of marketing and PR measurement and campaign tracking. In this second part of this series we share what types of content brands can create and how to tag it so that it can be found by your CRM.

How to Build a Winning Demand Generation Strategy  

Lead generation is as important to public relations as news mentions. In this two part series, we will break down the eight best practices for a winning demand generation strategy. Here are the first 3 tips:

Free Tip Sheet! 6 Steps to Modern PR Measurement

Three in five executives don’t fully understand PR’s role and capabilities. Why then would they invest more in it? Advertising value […]

How to Get ROI from Your Blogger – The Influencers with Erica Ehm (Part 3)

Get pointers for creating content with a twist in Part 3 of The Influencers with Erica Ehm. Hear how […]

4 Tips to Qualifying Brand Influencers

By Julie Geller, @JulieGeller “Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.” Edgar Allan Poe didn’t […]