Public Affairs

Three Ways the C-suite Can Support Corporate Communications

It's important for C-suite executives to be in sync with the rest of their organization, including the corporate communications team. Here are three important ways in which C-level executives can support the efforts of the corporate communications team.

When Hell Freezes Over – Social Crisis Engagement

Keep the lights on by keeping your staff full and people trained. Otherwise, your brand’s version of downed power lines will become unmanageable.

How Assisted Dying Became the Most Shared Story of 2015

There is little more controversial than the right to die and that controversy can be big news. Last February the Supreme Court of Canada legalized physician-assisted suicide for patients suffering from debilitating and painful conditions. The move made headlines with more than 500,000 shares on social media, making it 2015’s most shared news item according to the Globe and Mail.

How Brands Are Disrupting Life As We Know It

Brands today aren’t just creating new products to drive commerce. Some are taking it a step further and building new infrastructure. What is your brand building?

Vote! Election is on October 19

Monday is Election Day and after the longest federal election campaign in Canadian history the electorate is already turning out […]

Pressure Tactics: 5 Communications Lessons From City Hall

This is the third installment of the Pressure Tactics series where we share lessons communicators can learn by how governmental […]

Editorial Writing Is More Powerful Than Ever

Word choice matters and because of social media, they matter more than ever. Even a single story, editorial, or blog can help affect change in days rather than traditional regulatory paths that can take decades.

Pressure Tactics 2: Communications Lessons from Unions and Governments

This is the second in a three-part series reviewing how organizations can use public relations to affect change. Communications can […]

Pressure Tactics 1: Using Content Marketing To Change Public Perception

In this three-part series we look at how organizations can use public relations to effect change.  A well-researched report can […]