No, Advertising is not Dead

Advertising continuously renews itself. The difference today is that it will be audiences and influencers who disseminate those messages opposed to direct display advertising.

Meet the Press: Gord Steinke, Global Edmonton

Gord Steinke is no stranger to the people of Edmonton, he’s anchored the local Global News 6 p.m. newscast for […]

Welcome to the Future of Earned Media Communications

It wouldn’t quite be accurate for me to write that “earned media is back,” because to many communicators, it never actually left. In fact, 81 percent of marketers view earned media as more than or equally effective as paid media.

Three Ways the C-suite Can Support Corporate Communications

It's important for C-suite executives to be in sync with the rest of their organization, including the corporate communications team. Here are three important ways in which C-level executives can support the efforts of the corporate communications team.

Holiday Product Sample Pitching Checklist

In advance of the holiday season magazine and newspaper editors are inundated by product samples and pitches. It is estimated that there are 4.1 public relations professionals for every journalist in Canada, so you can imagine how the ratio rolls up into editors. Use this checklist before shipping this season’s samples to ensure editors translate your products to media mentions.

New Regulations Could Cost Canada 15,000 Media Jobs by 2020

Think it is hard getting your clients on TV today? Imagine what would happen if 15,000 broadcasters, show runners and other television professionals were out of a job and the companies they worked for out of business. New policies could be hurting the public relations industry.

Pressure Tactics: 5 Communications Lessons From City Hall

This is the third installment of the Pressure Tactics series where we share lessons communicators can learn by how governmental […]

Proof Positive Part 3: How to Handle Public Apologies

In the first two installments of our Proof Positive series we looked at the consequences of negative language and preventing […]

Know When To Hold, Know When to Fold and Other Things They Don’t Teach You in PR School

In addition to our writing talents, PR pros are good talkers–always have been. You see it in meetings and presentations. […]

The Content Crap Yard: Don’t Go There

Brace yourselves. There are 500 million tweets and 400 million Snapchats sent every day. Six billion hours of video are […]

Break the Internet Like a Kardashian

If there is one lesson we can learn from Hollywood ( and know it’s not necessarily how to tell a […]

The Word Evolved: Where Writing Fits

It started with the written word. And it’s long been said that, in addition to being organized and entrepreneurial, PR […]

Visual Storytelling Through the Years

People say we have only recently become visual storytellers, but look back to ancient cave drawings and you’ll see storytelling […]

Convergence and Branded Content: How PR Has Changed

This post originally appeared on the Reaching Out, the Broad Reach Communications blog on June 10, 2014. As an industry, public […]

5 Tips on being a Better Public Speaker

By Kenneth Evans, Senior Vice President, APEX Public Relations  After nearly 13 years in the public relations industry, one of my biggest […]

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