3 Things to Consider When Creating a Multichannel pitch

Today, journalists share content across multiple channels and the story they tell differs on each of them. A multichannel approach can help you successfully execute your pitch. We look at what must be considered before sharing that multichannel pitch.

3 Experiential Product Pitching Tips

By bringing journalists and editors into a home over the better part of a work-week, Apex has provided deeper context than a traditional pitch — showcasing the beneficial message that Walmart Canada has a customer’s holiday décor needs covered. It also gives journalists the chance to create all of the social and video content they need and that a brand like Walmart craves.

Free Tip Sheet! How to Score Coverage By Pitching on Social

We want to let you in on a PR secret: social media posts can produce major publicity for your brand. But how can you ensure success if reporters are still getting on the social media bandwagon?

How To Pitch Perfect This Holidays

Magazine editors don’t need a gift bag or an elaborately-designed PDF of your product pitch, says Tara Losinski, Assistant Managing Editor, Zoomer; they need images, product details and a unique story.

6 Reasons Why Journalists Reject Your Pitch

Pitching isn’t easy. Even PR professionals who painstakingly research contacts and outlets, write compelling copy, and persevere with follow-ups might […]

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Get your story in the publications that matter by knowing the right people in the newsroom and how to contact […]

Stop Getting “Pitch Slapped”

By Alyssa Sy de Jesus, PR Coordinator, Magnolia Communications Rejection is a natural part of the PR process, especially when it comes […]

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