Building the Best Lead Generation Form

Originally authored and published by PR Newswire’s Jaimee Bruening  Blogging can (and should) do more than just update readers on […]

3 Things to Consider When Creating a Multichannel pitch

Today, journalists share content across multiple channels and the story they tell differs on each of them. A multichannel approach can help you successfully execute your pitch. We look at what must be considered before sharing that multichannel pitch.

How to Build a Modern Agency

Earlier this week we shared insights from Amanda Riva, the CEO of THP, a creative agency that specializes in servicing food and lifestyle brands. In our interview we discussed tips on how to build a successful Instagram and Snapchat channel. We also discussed how she's grown her business since 2012. Riva's agency has grown from three employees to now over 50 and into a 16,000 square foot office space in downtown Toronto. This year the agency is opening an office in the UK.

Why Endorsements Work and How To Use Them

The best way to persuade someone to do or buy something is to have someone else to do it for you. People trust what other people tell them more than what a brand recommends.